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The electronic version of the Municipal Code is not the document of issue and the municipality's printed and published Code will remain the primary source and documents of issue for all purposes.

In the event of a conflict between the electronic version of the Municipal Code and the official printed copy, the official printed Code shall govern.

   1996-1    Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO) Ordinance download
   2023-1    2023-1 Amendment to Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO) Ordinance download
   1973    Zoning Ordinance (45MB) download
   2001-2    Driveway Ordinance (also see ordinance 2002-2) download
   2002-2    Driveway Ordinance Amendment download
   2003-1    Amended Zoning Ordinance download
   2003-2    Amended Zoning Ordinance download
   2004-1    Uniform Construction Code download
   2004-2    Appeals Board download
   2004-3    Pennsylvania Municipal Health Insurance Cooperative download
   2004-4    Pennsylvania Municipal Health Cooperative download
   2004-5    Municipal Risk Management Workers Compensation Pooled Trust download
   2004-6    Installation of Test Wells download
   2005-1    Amended Ordinance #111- Earned Income Tax download
   2005-2    Revised SALDO Road Standards download
   2006-1    Sewage Ordinance- On Lot Disposal Regulations (OLDS) download
   2006-2    Road Cut Standard download
   2007-1    Delinquent Reality Transfer Tax Collector download
   2008-1    Saucony Creek Stormwater Management download
   2008-2    Maiden Creek Stormwater Management download
   2008-3    Policy For Access to Public Records download
   2009-1    PRD Removal download
   2010-1    Amend 401 AP District- Temporary Housing for Immediate Family download
   2010-2    Amend Section 406V- Village Zoning District download
   2011-1    Temporary Reducing Speed Limits on Gun Club, Kutz Mill, Zettlemoyer and Wessner Roads download
   2011-2    Levying a Tax on Earned Income Net Profits Requiring Employer's to withhold and Remit Tax and Related Provisions download
   2012-1    Amended Zoning Ordinance download
   2012-2    Authorizing Execution of a Cable Franchise Agreement between Township and Comcast of the South, Inc. download
   2012-3    Authorizing Execution of a Cable Franchise Agreement between Township and Service Electric Cable, Inc. download
   2012-4    Flood Plain Ordinance Amendment download
   2015-01    PSATS UC Trust- Authorize Participation download
   2016-01    EIT Ordinance download
   2016-02    Amended Standards for Quality of Test Wells and Water Quality download
   2021-06    Solar Ordinance download
   2022-01    No Parking Krumsville Road download
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